Recording in progress!

We are happy to be heading into the next phase of making our self titled EP! We will be returning to My Thrill Studio tomorrow to begin laying down tracks! A little something about this EP...We've compiled 6 songs, all a little different forms of rock from one another with each clocking in between 3 and 4 minutes. Here are the tracks in work...

1. Ghost Cow: A heavy assault, very metal

2. Rise: Very much a Tool inspired song

3. Just Like You: An acoustic song with a different kind of feel than anything else we've written or performed

4. Babies with Pitchforks: Somewhat inspired by Mudvayne.

5. Fade Away: Power Ballad anyone?

6. Safeword: Inspired by a little punk rock

We have chosen this image as our cover art:

Cant wait to release these new songs....Expected release date Late Winter/ Early Spring 2016

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