Wake Up 

Check out our cover of Mad Season's 'Wake Up' from our new album Social Butterfly / Social Parasite!




New songs are coming your way!  

Hey everyone, we know we've been off the grid lately, but life happens. We are happy to finally get this album finished up so we can share it with everyone. A lot of hard work went into these songs, which I feel house some really great songwriting. If you haven't heard, the album is called 'Social Butterfly / Social Parasite' - a theme that we decided on a long time ago depicting some aspects of the Maine music scene. Every couple of weeks we'll be releasing a new track here on our website. To kick things off here is track one 'Curse Your Name'


Coming Soon! 

Not Yet Lost: Social Butterfly / Social Parasite


1. Curse Your Name 

2. All You Get 

3. Tired 

4. Wake Up 

5. Placebo 

6. Novocaine 

7. Hatful of Hollow 

8. A Watershed Moment 

Bonus Track: 

9. Fade Away (Acoustic)



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Not yet Lost: Not yet Lost

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